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quit smoking tired


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I recently saw a post on a popular social media site. Well, I’ve seen thousands of posts on many different sites, but this one really caught my attention. In fact, it got me excited. The post was not from a health company or a site that even promotes health and wellness. The post came from a person that sees things clearly. That is what is so exciting about this post. It was about a person that found what they needed to do in order to be successful. Sharing this will hopefully make others successful too.

What was the post that got me so excited? Well here it is: “If you’re sick of starting over, you have to stop quitting.”- anyone who’s ever had success

Every time I read this post, I am reminded of the times that my clients have told me that they are:

a) found themselves “off track” having just quit, or

b) not able to get started again after quitting, or

c) wondering if they will be able to avoid quitting their current routine

This seems to be a common issue for people. I’m not surprised, as I hear it regularly. As I work with people before, during and after making changes for their health, I see these scenarios on a daily basis. Everyone wants to be successful. No one wants to quit, but for some reason, quitting seems to be the most successful part of our routine.

Why do we quit so easily?

I think we quit because we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the small steps. Each time you set a goal and reach a goal, you are successful. It doesn’t matter how small the step is. If you take the step, you can call yourself successful. Actually, you SHOULD call yourself successful. That way, you will be more confident when you go to take your next step.

How else can you expect to make progress? Take it one step at a time, but stop to give yourself credit for taking each step. in this case, stopping does not mean quitting. Stopping simply means acknowledging your success before taking on a new goal. Success leads to more success, if you acknowledge that success along the way.

Confidence is the key to keeping yourself going. When I see someone fail, it is not because they can’t do it. It is not because they took on something that was too difficult. When someone fails, they quit trying. That is all there is to it. It sounds simple, but it is the truth. This is where my favorite part of the quote comes into play.

Who has this wisdom?

Anyone who has ever had success can tell you that the best way to stay on track is to stay on track. Now it sounds like I’m patronizing you and everyone else that has struggled to stick with something. Let me assure you, that I am not patronizing anyone.

It is my job as a Health Coach to help people see what they want and start doing what they have to do to get it. One of the most important factors in finding what you want is knowing what is in your way. When you set a goal, you have to look at the possible barriers in front of you. Once you do this, you can set some realistic expectations that you can stick to. If you don’t, you are simply closing your eyes and hoping it all works out in your favor.

This applies to all areas of life. That is another thing that I love about this quote. It is not even about health. It is about success. Success is limited to money and career far too often. Again, success is nothing more than achieving the goals you have set. When you set a goal and reach it, you are now successful. When you continue to reach that goal, your success continues. When you set another goal and reach another goal, your success continues even further.

Successful people know this. That is why they continue to set and reach goals. They know that if they keep going, they will get where they want to go. Sure, there may be some adjustments made along the way, but they know that progress is the key. The more progress they make, the more confidence they get and they just keep on rolling.

How can we all use this wisdom?

We all have it, we just need to use it. The wisdom in this quote is simply, yet applies to all of us in all areas of our life. Obviously, I like to keep it in health, but I have seen my goals work in all areas. I have seen success in many things because I took the same approach.

This approach is what works for me, but it also works for everyone else that has used it. It is a fool-proof plan. If you keep trying, you will get better results. There is more to it than blindly pursuing random goals. Set them wisely, be aware of the challenges and be willing to make adjustments to overcome these challenges. This will lead to success every time.

Quitting is something that you do when you either don’t want something or don’t think you can achieve something. That doesn’t mean that you are right. If you quit and told yourself you can’t do something, while you are fulfilling your self-assigned destiny, you are not giving yourself the opportunity to succeed.

When a challenge comes up, you can do one of two things: adjust to overcome it or quit. It is up to you. No one can make you do what you don’t want to do. But, I’ve yet to hear anyone say: “I want to give it a go, but ultimately I want to give up before I get there.” No one says: “I want to start all over and again with less confidence as soon as possible.” That is not what we want, yet that is what we continue to get.

Take quitting out of your list of options. By setting realistic goals at the start of your routine, you can determine what your baseline is going to be. As long as your baseline is allowing you to accomplish something and you are reaching it, than you are succeeding. If you quit, you are achieving nothing. So, quit achieving nothing. Quit quitting!

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