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Way To Go Saints!

Day 38 of 365 (Year Four)

After all the teams I was rooting for in the playoffs lost (Ravens, Vikings, Cardinals, etc.) I initially wasn’t real excited about the Super Bowl this year. The two teams that made it to the big game weren’t on the list of my favorite teams. I’m not a Colts fan (most here in Baltimore aren’t) and I am (or rather was) more or less indifferent in my feelings about the Saints.

As the Super Bowl drew nearer, however, I found myself pulling for the Saints. Part of it was my dislike for the Colts, a lot of it was all the predictions I heard favoring the Colts, and a little bit of it was just wanting to see the guy in this photo get a Karmic bitch slap.

By the time Super Bowl Sunday arrived I was 100% behind the Saints. The first quarter of the game made me worry, and the first half of the game wasn’t the most thrilling football I’ve ever seen, but the second half more than made up for that. The onside kick, the interception, getting the two points and watching the Colts start to crumble with the missed field goal, the failed touchdown attempt and again the interception all made the second half a lot more exciting of a game for me. The game was in now way a sure thing until the two minute warning and the Colt’s final failed drive for a touchdown.

As much as I don’t like the Colts, though, I gotta hand it to Payton Manning, he is one hell of a quarterback. I’m just glad the Saint’s defense was up to the challenge of competing against a QB of his caliber.

Then there is, of course, the matter of the commercials. I have to say I wasn’t as blown away this year by the commercials that ran during the Super Bowl this year. There were a handful that I did really like though, and a few that I absolutely hated. For anyone that is interested, here is my breakdown (there are a lot of them so feel free to scroll past if you don’t care):

Bud Light: Light House: Stupid

Snickers: Betty White: Watching Betty White and Fish get tackled is a WIN in my book

Tebow and Mom: Irritating, but I did like Jimmy Kimmel’s rebuttal to the ad.

Hyundai: New Car: Forgettable

Boost Mobile: Super Bowl Shuffle: Stupid

Doritos: Dog Gets Revenge: WIN

Doritos: Play Nice (the one with the kid): WIN

Bud Light: Observatory: Stupid

Coke: Simpsons: Simpsons + Anything is a WIN for me

Go Daddy: OK, am I the only one who is tired of this particular running gag? Enough already. I just find them irritating now. There were a few different Go Daddy ads during the Super Bowl, but I’m gonna lump them all together here and just say irritating and stupid for all of them.

Doritos: Miracle (the dude in the coffin): my least favorite of the four Doritos commercials that ran, but still a WIN

Bud Light: Voice Box: The MOST irritating and annoying commercial of the night. What the hell is Bud Light thinking? Beavers: mildly amusing, but forgettable

Bridgestone: Bachelor Party: WIN

Sketchers: Shape Up: I don’t even remember this one Growing Up: Pointless

Budweiser: Body Bridge: Apparently Budweirser and Bud Light use a different advertising group. A WIN for Budweiser

Late Show: Leno, Oprah, Letterman: Funny, but I question using Leno to promote anything. I’m with COCO! Casual Friday: Mildly amusing, but not one I’d like to see again.

Hyundai: Brett Favre: Another forgettable one, but Favre was funny

Bud LIght: Survivor (more like LOST): The best of the Bud Light commercials, but still not that great

Dove: Are You A Man: Not terrible, but nothing special All the commercials were pretty forgettable

Dodge Charger: Man’s Last Stand: Just like the Dove commercial, not terrible, but nothing special Rude Flowers: forgettable

Papa John: Better Pizza: Just more of the same from Papa John. Every time I see a commercial with Papa John in it, he just irks me for some reason, but then I’m not a fan of Papa John Pizza and I always wonder why he won’t get a better paint job on his car. It is just so dated.

Dr Pepper: Little Kiss: Funny, but I must have missed something. I didn’t get the reason for the midgets. I’m gonna have to go back and re-watch that one.

Universal Orlando: Harry Potter: I want to go, but the commercial wasn’t anything special

FloTV: I’m lumping all the FloTV commercials together because they were all pretty much the same. . .forgettable

Intel: Lunchroom: Poor robot. I wanted to like this one, but it really didn’t inspire or awe me.

Motorola: Megan Fox: I never thought anything with Megan Fox in it would bore me like this did

VW: Punching Game: WIN with a bonus WIN for Stevie Wonder. How does he do that?

Denny’s: Grand Slam and Denny’s: Overworked Chickens: The Chicken in Space earned them the WIN. The whole inferred "In Space No One Can Hear You Scream" pushed the Denny’s spots into the WIN column. They should have quit while they were ahead though. The Birthday one towards the end of the Super Bowl was just more of the same and not nearly as entertaining as the first two.

Michelob Ultra: Lance Armstrong: Forgettable Hotels: Forgettable

Bridgestone: Future Car: This one just barely squeaked into the WIN column. "I said your LIFE, not your WIFE!"

KGB: Sumo Wrestling: mildly entertaining, but predictable

Coke: Sleepwalking: I thought it was clever, but Savanah really didn’t get this one. She kept telling me the guy wasn’t being safe. It is dangerous to walk through a herd of elephants like that.

E-Trade: Jealous Girlfriend: This one gets a WIN for the milkaholic tramp baby at the end.

Google: Parisian Love: Clever

Kia Sorento: Joy Ride: I hate sock monkeys. I dislike all of their commercials with these four toy characters.

Round Up: Extended Control: Forgettable

Select 55: Lightest Beer: Forgettable

Vizio: Beyonce: Visually cool, but in the end forgettable

Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret: WIN for sheer silliness

Anheuser Busch: Clydesdale Friend: The Budweiser Clydesdales, always a WIN

Honda Accord: Cross Tour: Another one that was visually interesting, but in the end forgettable

Audi: Green Police: amusing

Taco Bell: Five Buck Box: Ummm, yeah, weird and forgettable. I would have rather seen a new chihuahua spokesdog

Doritos: Weight Room: WIN. Whoever Doritos is using to make their commercials deserves a raise.

Bud Light: Book Club: Another dumb Bud Light commercial, although I did like the final lines. "So, do you like little women?" "Yeah, I’m not too picky" That made me giggle

Hundai: New Sonata: forgettable

E-Trade: Take Charge: Probably one of the least entertaining out of all of the E-Trade Baby commercials ever. Maybe the gag is getting old, even though I liked the Jealous Girlfriend one.

There were a few more that ran after the Super Bowl during the trophy ceremony, but none that really blew me away and I skipped all the movie ads and the EA Dante’s Inferno commercials. There really wasn’t anything noteworthy about them. All in all, it wasn’t the best year for the commercials compared with past years. At least the game got entertaining in the second half.

Posted by Cayusa on 2010-02-08 05:43:54

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